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Kotu, also known as Kottu Roti, is a delicious Sri Lankan street food that will leave your taste buds singing. Our Kotu is made by stir-frying shredded flatbread with a variety of vegetables and your choice of protein, resulting in a mouth-watering dish that is both hearty and flavorful.


Our Kotu is served hot and fresh, with the aroma of toasted flatbread and spices wafting through the air. Each bite of our Kotu offers a symphony of flavors and textures, from the crispy bits of flatbread to the tender pieces of protein and vegetables.


Whether you're in the mood for a quick and tasty lunch or a filling dinner, our Kotu is sure to satisfy your cravings. So why wait? Treat yourself to the authentic and delicious flavors of Sri Lanka with our mouthwatering Kotu today.


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