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Our cheesy garlic naan is the perfect combination of two delicious flavors in one tasty bread. We take our classic naan bread and add in a generous amount of shredded cheese and fresh garlic, creating a heavenly bread that's bursting with flavor.


As the cheesy garlic naan bakes in our tandoori oven, the cheese melts and becomes gooey, creating a deliciously cheesy and aromatic bread that's perfect for any meal. The garlic adds a rich and fragrant flavor that pairs perfectly with the melted cheese, creating a flavor explosion in every bite.


Our cheesy garlic naan is the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of dishes, from spicy curries and stews to grilled meats and vegetables. And it's a great option for anyone who loves garlic and cheese and wants to add some bold flavors to their meal.


At our restaurant, we take pride in making all of our naan fresh daily, using only the finest ingredients. So come and try our cheesy garlic naan today and experience the delicious and indulgent flavors of our fresh-baked bread.

Cheesy Garlic Naan

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